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Begjan Interface

by Begjan - 65 downloads

I made this mod for personal use but I decided to share my mod to everyone...Tech tree helps players who played aoc for many years who don't know what new WK civ have so they don't have to pause to see tech tree but can easy see in right side of your centered command bar... Fast is better less time lose... tooth tooth tooth About V2.1- Only Wololo Kingdom full HD 1920x1080p compatible!- Use centered command bar. Command%20bar%20in%20center.png- Darker centered command bar with with Mongols Elite Mangudai logo for all 31 aoe2 civs, plus tech tree in right side... AOK005.pngsee image in full size: [You must login to view link] out my stream on Twitch ;gamer HF
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